Dec 2017 4-week Group Project

My Role: User Research, Wireframing, Interaction Design, UI Design

Venmo is an app that simplifies money transfers between individuals, allowing consumers to quickly pay people in their networks for any reasons. 


During our research process, we identified some pain points through in-depth interview with the existing users. Based on the pain points, we did the iterative design to improve the experience around the transaction flow.

"Just Venmo me"
  • Require user's minimal cognitive load to finish a bill transaction. 

  • Make payments feel quick and easy like sending a text message. 

  • Help user feel in control of their payment experience.

  • Give user the right amount of information at the right time.

Design Process

1. In-depth interviews with existing users
2. Define persona & user journey map
3. Identify pain points
4. Iterate user flow
5. Paper prototype & user test
6. Refine prototype
7. Final delivery ( pitch video & Interactive prototype)



User Journey Map

Our Prototypes

Paper Prototype

Hifi Prototype

Send Bill

Request Bill

Iterations Breakdown

Home View

1. Show user-related transaction history section by default once user enters the app.
2. Visually emphasize the transaction section, and divide it into two different flows.
3. Modify the layout of each transaction to enhance the social feature.


1. Emphasize recipient info and bill amount to visually reduce the probability of error.
2. Add emoji shortcut to help user save time on comment, and add juiciness to the experience. The recommendation of Emoji will be based on user's transaction history and bill amount.


1. Assist user to split the bill efficiently by simplifying the calculation process.

Measure Success
  • Task success rate - the percentage of correctly send/request money by users

  • Task completion time - the time it takes for the user to send/request money

  • Net promoter score(NPS) - users satisfaction measured through their willingness to recommend Venmo service to others

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