Fall 2016  24-hour Hackathon

Team Member: Shenxun Wang, Liang Shi, Aimee Abalos, Jiahao Su

My Role: Concept Development, Wireframing, Interaction Design, UI Design


What's the future of sports fan experience?

In Fall 2016, NYC Media Lab presented a lineup of meetups when MLBAM shared its current experiments in data visualization, player tracking, big data analysis for recommender systems, fraud detection, and virtual reality. To build off the buzz from the meetups, NYC Media Lab hosted the MLBAM Hackathon.


The hackathon gathered teams to build hybrid multimedia experiences and applications that explore the opportunity for sports content consumption, interaction and engagement. 

Our Concept

Our goal is to get the sports fans back to the stadium. We were creating a platform for MLB fans to interact with the game using their mobile devices,  in order to evoke the feeling of engagement in the context of the game field. 

Fans can anticipate results of each play, like a home run and hit, of their support team lively during the match. Fans' anticipation will be presented on their phone, stadium screen, and the broadcast channel in a data-visualized way. 


Task flow




User needs to log in with their ticket number and phone number

Example of a play prediction

Score rank and prize

Showing rank of fans on the big display to stimulate engagement

Showing prediction from the field on broadcast view to encourage new fans go to the stadium

Data visualization application

Business Potential

  • More audiences come to the stadium, instead of watching game at home

  • Stimulate the consumption at the MLB store(prize gift card)

  • Rewarding fans to be more knowledgeable about the game and players

  • Attracting new MLB fans to understand the baseball game, teams, and players

  • Creating topical issues for media

  • Gaining valuable data from fans’ interactions  

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